Year 1 | Day 1 Thinking about index cards

I have been thinking a lot today about how to index things in a non linear way. Last week, at  the  TECHNE induction PhD day  I realised again the importance of terminologies and definitions. There were people who didn’t know what an art fair is. [I guess it is  their right?]. So what language to use, how to explain?

This  morning I started to re-read Michael Foucault’s Order of things on the train. In  German, in my 22-year old copy.  I  think French translates better into German than English. More sophistication?

Foucault talks a lot about epistemology. This make me realise I need to write a glossary. For key-terms. And what they mean to me.  And how I want to define them. Now I am contemplating which  system to use. I would like to flip through them, like  with index cards in the old days. I would be in good company.  Aby Warburg  used a lot of index cards:


[Thank you:]

I am quite temped to use paper  cards, I still  fondly have boxes with stencilled labels which would house them perfectly and what a wonderful start to the PhD. However – I can’t read my handwriting 80% of the time, I can’t link them nor write on them when  I forget them [ I never, ever gorget my laptop]  … So maybe I need to look at online options? looks  quite good

I don’t like note keeping software, I  do use google keep happily for my lists  but this  is different – this is a new level … Well,  I will report how I get on.


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