Year 1|Day 1 My first PhD supervision

Maybe you have gathered already, or maybe not, but I am quite a mature PhD student. I am a lecturer, I write and publish regularly and of course I  know everything best and am already the expert in my topic! Sort of. I really felt for my wonderful (as  I hope he will turn out to be) supervisor, who I think must have felt terrified to encounter a colleague  in such a new relationship. He gave me lots and lots of good ideas of things to get stuck into  and what to read.

Most important was a discussion of  the  notion of contemporaneity. Thinking about how  to avoid getting stuck in tracing the origins of art fairs and the early history of the fair versus my interest in what fairs tell us about the art  world today. Good tactics.  Doesn’t stop me digging back when trying to define first what a contemporary art fair is not. Exclusion is always a good start … Maybe even doing a bit of mapping?

Image result for Antinomies-Art-Culture-PostmodernityDark Matter

So I am actually off to the library gathering  some books. Oh, and  I still haven’t decided if to stick with Zotero or move to RefWorks?? Maybe this might help: Decision time. The  review actually didn’t help – they are  all goo (incl. Endnote and Mendeley)  and in the  end it is personal choice.

And still finding nice phd blogs:

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