Year 1|Day 2: Heresy

The Law of the innermost form of the essay is heresy. Theodor Adorno

So I started reading today – and note taking.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 16.25.24.png

Supernotecard works quite well and I can link it to my references in Zotero. I  also started a physical notebook. Unless I find a way  how to draw on the computer/laptop.  Any ideas?

I started Byung-Chul Han’s Phychopolitics and fell in love with Han. Not because he is a philosopher and is clever and is German and writes in German which would all be very valid reasons to be amazing but because he has been gardening daily for three years and wrote a book about gardening.


Have a back garden (see above), a front garden  and an allotment. I love gardens, too. But I am not a philosopher and my garden is one of the few things I  don’t want to write about. I want to feel it – with my hands. But I instagram about it.  A lot (@stephdieckvoss). A good sign.

I tried to read Phychopolitics in English –  that  didn’t work out well. Just ordered the German version. Will use English quotes if needed. Can’t read German philosophy in English. Moving on:


I am reading Gregory Sholette’s Dark Matter and have immediately been hooked. An artist and writer talking about the shodows, the invisible mass, the dar matter of the art world. Hugely fascinating and insightful. Sadly – or luckily I am getting easily distracted by his quotations and references and have only progressed to page 5. But I have read about the gentrification in New York in the 1980s and Walter Benjamin’s 1934 text the author as producer and the need to align production mechanisms to content  (and style).

Being reminded how complicit with capital I am publishing “critical” articles on the art market in a financial paper. But I know that  – even before Benjamin. But now I feel hit over the head with a stick. More to mull over. But it’s a PhD, not a life-changing – or is it?


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